Most of us agree that one of the handicaps of buying fashion online is that you can never be sure if the item will actually fit you and/or look good on you. In that sense, softwares that can predict what will suit our body type and features are incredibly helpful and would stop us from making many mistakes.

These kind of tools will start to be implemented in many international business websites all throughout 2017. But we will talk about that another day.

There is another thing coming!

A different kind of program ready for websites to use,  based on algorithms that are created to absorb data, analyse it and then produce a recommendation.

Instead of helping you figure out if a jacket is your size or if it will look good depending on your height, body type and measurements, this algorithm will try to find out how your brain works, what you like, what you don't like, and then with that information in mind, recommend you a fashion product.

In a way, this is already happening. If you use the web regularly, I'm sure you've already noticed how google keeps track of every purchase, every thing you've looked into in an online shop, any video you've checked on youtube, or any concept you've researched. You would have seen it in pop ads on social media that all of a sudden are very relatable or heavily linked to your online history from 2 hours ago.

This would be the next step. We are talking that for example Selfridges or Harvey Nichols, will receive enough information about you (your hobbies, what music you listen to, places you've visited, things you've bought in the past, books you've read, magazines you read...) that they will be able to recommend you a pair of shoes and be 100% positive that you will love them (and even if you can afford them!)

If this sounds horrifying to you and you think that you will never give away that kind of information for companies to use as they please, know that you are already doing it, and for free!

In may cases that's why social media and other online services are free, it's not because they rely on advertisement, no, it's because you and your data are the products they are selling to bigger companies.

Amazing or terrifying?


Tell me in the comments below.


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