Last year I started a series about fashion of the world.

So far I've been focusing on European styles, such as Italian, French, Scandinavian and British. But today, we travel all the way to Asia to one of those countries where the modern and the traditional live in almost perfect harmony: Japan.

The land of constrasts.

Japanese fashion has put itself in the radar little by little for the past 10 years, producing its fair bit of cult fashion designers such as:


Let's try and dissect what makes their style so special:


- Either very vanguardist or...

If you have a stroll through the streets of Tokyo or Osaka, you will see a bunch of well styled individuals experimenting with textures, shapes, sizes and combinations.


- ...very traditional

However, their business attire is probaly one of the most traditional in the whole far East. Both women and men, choose to wear very high quality suits and crisp materials. Both genders again pay an extraordinary attention to personal grooming, from nails to face, to hair, to achieve the perfect clean cut look.


- Either minimalist palette or...

Many choose a very minimal colour palette, usually grey, red, black and white.


- ...all the colours of the rainbow

While others go all the way in mixing several colours, patterns and prints together. From clothes to accessories.


- Exhacerbated shapes and proportions

Many of Japan's trendy pieces of clothes have exagerated proportions. Trousers that are extremely baggy, short, long, wide or tight. Tops and jumpers that are wide in the shoulders and go all the way down to the knees. Flashy shoes. You get the picture.


- Making the comfortable chic

Lately designers and brands have been choosing fabrics and designs that are comfortable and flow well with body movements. Highly inspired by active wear with a chic tone to it.


- Kawaii

One of Japan's most famous looks. Mostly worn by very young people (with some exceptions), items upon items of childish outfits put on together by adults. Some inspired by Manga or by the beloved Hello Kitty. Think tutus, guys in long skirts, lots of hair clips and rainbow hair. 


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