Now that the holiday season has come and gone, some people look at the next months ahead with a sigh. Winter is here, days are still short, as cold as ever, and if you live in a place like London there isn't much daylight to grab on to.


All of these can affect our moods and make the weeks ahead less enjoyable than we would like to admit.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make the winter more bearable:

- Cosy interior: Scandinavians have long figured out that the best way to survive winter is to keep your house as cosy and as nice looking as possible. Lights can help create a happy and warm aura, fairlights, candles, any kind of indirect sets of lights will help create a lovely atmosphere.

- Don't forget to go out a lot: The sun won't be up for long so we better take on those rays the few minutes we can!

- Have a plan: Make a list of goals you will like to accomplish during the next three months and focus on that instead of the ugly weather.

- Entertainment: Sometimes the best way is to distract ourselves from the harsh reality outside our windows. Starting asking your friends and family for book, films, TV shows and music recommendations.

- Family time: Winter is a good time to spend more hours with your family and loved ones. Organise afternoons in playing board games. Visits to the museum. Cinema nights or ice skating adventures!

- Eat well: Make sure you are eating right, our immune system suffers during the colder months of the year and the best boost you can give it is feeding your body nutritious and varied food. And if it's warm and comforting even better.

- Exercise: Many people won't like it but the truth is that working out regularly improves your mood and keeps you warm!

- Vitamin D: If you live in a place where winters are fairly dark, consider taking a Vitamin D supplement until spring comes. It's not as good as sitting under the sun but it does its job.

- Dress for the weather: It's very important to remember that it's cold outside. We might want to show off that gorgeous outfit we got for Christmas but keeping yourself warm will help your health and mood. Choose a winter coat you absolutely love and pair it with accessories that bring out your personality. Being cold can keep your muscles tight and trigger sorethroats and stuffy noses. Not cool.


Which are your hacks to survive the winter blues?



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