Perhaps one of the revelation series of 2016, The Crown captured the hearts of its audience with a gorgeous historical portrayal and a stunning wardrobe.

Definitely one of the tv shows I've been recommended over and over again to add to my winter TO WATCH list, what better to fight the winter blues than immersing yourself in royal intrigues!


Things to look out for:

- The acting: The cast has been marvellously chosen, they carry the weight of the show and their roles amazingly. They don't disappoint.

- The scenography: Beautiful decorations, beautiful shots, beautiful filters, beautiful rooms... you get the idea.

- The music: Perhaps one of the most aluring things of The Crown is the list of songs chosen to accompany you throughout the story. You will be adding quite a few to your Spotify list for sure!

- The clothes: It's true that royal ennactments pave the way to use gorgeous wardrobes but not all productions do it well. Each episode will have you want to parade around the house with vintage attire.


Have you watched The Crown? What do you think about it?


Tell me which are your favourite new tv series to watch right now! 


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