Lately I've been appreciating different kinds of European fashion styles and trying to find the key to their tips and secrets.

I've talked about Scandinavian countries and their love for minimalist colour palettes and high quality basics.

I've realised that British people might have staple pieces but aren't afraid of experimenting and setting their own trends.

And I've tapped into the depths of the French wardrobe.

The time has come to talk about Italy and its fashion!

I always say that I can spot an Italian person anywhere in the world. I'm not sure of what gives them away, I can't quite put my finger in what it is exactly.

It's a bit more than just national recognition, it's the details. Not just the clothes they wear but how they wear them. The way they carry themselves.

If you've ever visited Italy or run into a group of Italians while on holiday, you've probably noticed that usually we are well dressed, stylish but without overdoing it.


Let's try and dissect how we do it:


- We dress for the occasion.

Whether it's a work meeting, a casual afternoon out, an event or a night out, we take into consideration where we are going and what we will be doing before choosing what to wear.

This kind of attention to detail, I believe, makes us stand out.


- The perfect blend of trendy and classic pieces.

Italy is one of the capitals of fashion and as such, people are bombarded with brands and designers. However, I think we have found a good balance between classic pieces, handcrafted items and well tested cuts, and the latest trends. We mix and match with harmony producing that chic allure you are used to seeing in us.


- Shoes and handbags.Again with the attention to details. Shoes and handbags are as important as a good coat or piece of jewellery. 


In Italy we have a huge tradition of very well crafted bags and shoes and it shows in our day to day looks.


- Colours.

We aren't afraid of colours and, most importantly, we know how to wear them!


- Attitude.

Perhaps the most important treat (and the hardest to emulate) is our philosophy of life. Blame it on better weather, the food or the culture, but the way we structure our lives shows on the clothes we choose and how we move.


Can you spot people from your country when you are abroad just by the way they are dressed? Let me know in the comments below!


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