So you've mastered your wardrobe. Your shelves and racks are full of pieces that are perfect for your body and lifestyle, everything you have looks spot on, but you'd like to take your style to the next level.

Here is how:

1. Invest in good basics

Now that you know what works for you, you shouldn't be scared to build a good back wardrobe. 

Try to invest in those basics you use again and again. Buy the best quality you can afford, it doesn't have to be all at once. Get one or two pieces per season and see how your outfits go from 10 to 20 in a matter of seconds.


2. Personal touch.

There's always something that makes us unique. Perhaps you like neckerchiefs, or a particular type of jewellery or fabric. Whatever it is, incorporate it to your daily outfits and make them yours.


3. Learn how to incorporate trends into your style.

It can be scary to add new elements to your wardrobe once you've mastered it.

It's good to proceed with caution, but there's no reason why you shouldn't add a few trendy pieces here and there to give your looks a bit of a twist every season.

The trick is finding what works and what doesn't for you, adapt the trends to you and your style, not the other way around.


4. Perfect grooming.

Everything should be in the best condition possible. Clothes wise, make sure they are clean, ironed/pressed, and well kept, if they look old, throw them away.

Keep your shoes clean and renew their insoles and soles whenever needed.

Keep yourself clean and groomed. Pay attention to your hair, wash it as regularly as you need and find a cut that works well with your features and it's easy to maintain.


5. Posture + attitude.

Many times we forget that the way we carry ourselves is what adds those extra "points" to someone'a aura.

You could dress two people with similar body types with the exact same outfit and one might carry it better than the other.

Walk straight but without squaring your shoulders too much, don't look down, look at people in the eyes and be polite.


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