Don't you get bored of always wearing the same knot on your ties?


I get it that it's easy and convenient. You've done it so many times that every morning you just do it without thinking, it's become automatic. That means it's time for a change!


Aren't you tired of the same Windsor or half Windsor you see everyday at work?


Here are six knots you can try to shake up your tie game: (With videos to learn how to make them).


  • The Eldredge Knot

Original and regal.


  • The Trinity Knot

Beautiful and elegant. As compact as a Windsor.



  • The Krasny Hourglass Knot

Incredibly original and perfect for ceremonies.


  • The Plattsburgh Knot

Sophisticated and elegant for those long meetings.


  • The Pratt Knot

If you want to try something different without moving too far away from the Windsor.


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