- Detox -

Purge your wardrobe of all the clothes that are outdated, out of style, don’t fit properly and are just plain wrong. A detox session will get rid of the clothes you don’t need, archive the ones you want to keep and eliminate clutter so you know what items you need to complete your look

- Transform - 

Organise your wardrobe and arrange your clothing according to colour, season and lifestyle. Clothes will be hung properly, folded and put in order. Accessories will be sorted and stored in space saving and convenient ways to maximise space and efficiency 

- Design -

Maximise your space and get the most out of your wardrobe with bespoke and clever wardrobe design


- Photo Archive - 

Efficiently keep track of every article you own in a simple and practical manner

- Travel in Style -

Hectic holiday and business packing is a thing of the past with my stress free professional packing service

- Tailor -

Ensure that all of your clothes fit exactly the way they should. Bespoke tailoring can take clothes in, hem, or alter any garment

- Move -

House moves, organisation and supervision– whatever your needs are, from one room to the whole house